Those who live on garbage in Brazil:

Give a hand to those who live on garbage in Brazil

Sheila’s house lacks a good part of the walls, of the glass in the windows, it lacks sanitation, of running water, but it is a house at last. For this woman, a single mother of two who lives in the favela da Palma, it means a great advance, since previously she was still living with her children in a more precarious place : between plastics and cardboard, next to the door of the landfill of the city ​​of Fortaleza.

Sheila was able to buy land and start building her house thanks to the support of Cristina Franca, the community leader who also helps João Nacimento. “Since she came here, all the tasters come together and now we defend our rights,” Sheila explains.

The union of forces of the people who live on the garbage in the favela, allowed them to have their own place in the first place to store the waste that they collect from the city. A ship where the Santa Rosa cooperative works, of which all are owners . A qualitative leap in their living conditions, since they are not forced, as they were before, to keep the remains of plastic, tin and cardboard in their homes.


Since the landing of Cristina Franca in the favela, they have also achieved other achievements they could never have imagined: bank loans, donations, support from other social movements . And perhaps the most important: being united they are stronger before intermediaries, who are forced to pay a fair price for raw materials.

Married to a well-known Christian trade unionist, Cristina Franca coordinates twelve cooperatives of tasters throughout the state of Ceará. Once a month, it establishes meetings with politicians, journalists and businessmen, in which garbage collectors tell how they live and what they need to progress.

When Cristina arrives at the Santa Rosa cooperative, to prepare the next meeting they will attend, the tasters receive it with affection and gratitude . Sitting in a room of the ship, each one comments how he has done throughout the week.

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